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India’s healthcare sector is more than USD 140 billion in size. The industry is expected to grow at 16-17% annual growth size. This rapid growth of healthcare marketing services across the country has also resulted in more digitally aware customers and increased competition for healthcare practitioners, doctors, clinics and hospitals. 


With the increased competition among healthcare service providers, use of marketing technology by more and more doctors, clinics, and hospitals – it has become imperative for healthcare providers to be digitally aware and utilise this channel fully to remain competitive in acquiring new customers. People are now making quicker decisions, comparing and judging the doctors, clinics by the strength of their online presence. Patients and their families are making opinions on credibility by how they have maintained their digital brand and how people are talking about them.  At Team Variance, we help healthcare service providers to be able to reach out to and help more and more patients.

How Are We Different

At Team Variance, we aren’t just a digital agency with premade solutions but we understand healthcare businesses and practices deeply. We act as your extended arm and truly partner with you in creating a strong platform for acquiring and engaging potential patients empowered by strong custom digital strategies. We do not just rely on short term push marketing strategies but our endeavor is to help our partners create a long-lasting and impactful digital brand authority that can create a pull of its own.


Our Healthcare Marketing Services Include Following

Healthcare Digital Presence

The majority of the people who are in need of healthcare services are now doing so by looking out for services online, choosing, comparing, and judging the healthcare services based on their online presence. 

We have been working with doctors, clinics, and hospitals in creating a strong digital presence including a customised healthcare website creation, strong social media presence to highlight a strong brand in a professional yet emphatic design. Our strong design capabilities help us create immediate and communicate instant credibility and trust for our partners among new patients.

Content and Organic Reach

Content is perhaps the best long term strategy that drives organic footfalls, creates brand authority, adds tremendous value for people, and thus helps create strong trust. We specialise in creating custom content related to your healthcare service which speaks to your potential patients, answers their generic queries, creates empathy and trust. We are highly data-driven in our approach. Content is created on the topics which are most searched by the people from your target areas thus also helping on SEO and driving organic traffic.

Data driven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The majority of people are now searching for health services online through their mobile or computer. It becomes important that your service should rank higher whenever someone searches it on Google or at other places. For many new potential patients, customers it will be the first chance to know about you and your healthcare practice. And this first impression holds very critical and is an important factor for people to decide for a particular service. At Team Variance, we can help you get an upper hand by a data driven SEO approach. We employ powerful and international tools to analyse and consult our partners on what people are searching for. Accordingly, we mould our on page and off-page SEO optimisation.

Local Search Optimization

It is extremely imperative for a healthcare clinic to have a strong local presence as most of the patients for any clinic will be from its physical vicinity. Our clinic’s and doctors’ digital marketing strategy includes a strong local SEO which includes highly optimised Google presence and presence on other platforms. The goal is to make your healthcare practice extremely easy to search and visible among top ranks recommended by search engines or related platforms.

Customised Healthcare Social Media Strategy

We help you build an extremely strong social media presence to engage our current and new patients, let them know more about you and people in your healthcare, create a personal touch, and high trust. Research has found that more and more patients in cities are now finding physicians, dentists, clinics, and even hospitals through social media channels. A healthy social media presence has become imperative for higher reach and deeper engagement among the community.

1. Facebook


Facebook remains to be one of the most powerful social media marketing tools especially for services in the healthcare segment. The platform maintains an incredible reach as it is still widely popular among people and is one of the best ways to create a strong community and brand engagement. Facebook allows a plethora of ways to reach out to the audience including multiple types of posts, videos, and creative graphics. 

One of the best features of Facebook is its ability to target. Facebook ads allow incredibly precise targeting and a good agency can use this power of targeting to give a cost effective reach across the potential consumer segments.

2. Instagram

Instagram has fast become a top social media engagement platform. The best of this platform is it empowers brand owners to showcase their stories and engage with powerful creative content – the kind of content people are ready to consume today with their smaller screens. Especially in the healthcare and fitness industry, this medium has become a go-to channel for the service providers. We deeply focus on how to make the best use of this platform to tell brand stories around your healthcare business, engage customers and create credibility with testimonials, past patient interaction, infrastructure, health tips, and other related content. 

Digital Advertisement 

A mix of various paid digital ads strategies allow you to reach out to your potential customers in a targeted cost effective manner. One of the best advantages of digital ads is its higher conversion probability as compared to print/pamphlets or other mediums. Digital platforms where one can run paid are Pay per click ads on Google – also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more. At Team Variance, we specialise in creating highly custom creatives which leads to high targeted conversions. 

Email Marketing

Our email marketing practice is capable of giving a big edge to hospitals and healthcare institutions looking to engage with their past and new customers. Email marketing remains to be one of the most cost effective marketing channels. It enables clinics and hospitals to connect with the patients and their family members personally. It is a powerful tool to share the updates with past & current members, share discounts, testimonials or personalised service offerings. With our strong analytical capabilities, we also consult healthcare service providers on how to customise the communication for different target segments.


We help you in helping more patients.

Team Variances Healthcare Marketing Services Will Result In Higher RoI and Long Term Benefits

With our experience, capabilities, and understanding of the healthcare space, we are sure of providing a very relevant personalized solution to our medical partners with an extremely healthy return on investments. 

Our experts will help you by building :


  • A stronger authoritative brand for your practice
  • Higher patient footfall
  • Lower cost for reaching and acquiring new patients
  • Patient engagement and long term satisfaction
  • Higher patient retention
  • Generating referral from patients


We do not just focus on short term lead generation activity but are focused on building a strong digital foundation for your institution or practice – which leads to a stronger digital brand and pays off for a long time with higher reach, healthier footfall, and stronger conversion.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is healthcare digital marketing?

Healthcare digital marketing service refers to the customised approach of digital marketing for healthcare service providers including clinics, practicing doctors, physicians, and hospitals. Usual channels include a strong online presence – with your own site, presence on different platforms, social media branding, content and online PR, SEO, and paid channels.

Why do hospitals need digital marketing?

Most of the consumers are now searching online and are making quick judgments on which hospital to choose by the perception they are creating through the digital presence and how people are talking about the services. Therefore it becomes very important for hospitals to create a strong digital brand and engage people through this channel.

Do individual doctors need online marketing?

Yes. As people especially those who are new and haven’t heard about your service will most probably come to know about you through online channels – it becomes important to put your best foot forward with digital marketing for doctors.

Which hospital digital marketing service should we go for ?

The type of service to go for depends on various factors including where you are situated and how people are searching for services online in that area, size and services offered, direct competition and how strong competition is online, current brand and maturity of the hospital.

What We Say

 Healthcare marketing requires very specific and specialised digital marketing efforts. Due to the nature of the service, increased awareness of people, easiness of digital reach and increased competition it becomes important that digital marketing is done in a right and strategic manner. This is where we at Team Variance specialise in and can add value to your practice. 

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