About Us

"I am Raghu, a passionate digital strategist who can set aside all the good sights of the world for the sake of a thoughtful insight that can make a business succeed. Right from the beginning of the first creative awakening I have dreamt of conjuring magic that can win markets and conquer mind shares with better rationale, logic and ideation. So in 2013, I created a “group” of like-minded friends to take our vision forward with recipes to make the magic happen.

Four years later we named the group “Team Variance”. Since I was blessed with the first virgin thought that withstood statistical validation, the group designated me as the Founder of Team Variance. Today I describe Team Variance as a new age strategy consultant’s hub that drives success for diverse businesses.

I firmly believe that the chemistry that makes sales happen is based upon the alignment of the digital strategy with technology. Great things kept happening as a team powering our learning curve with beliefs, attempts, successes and a feeling of heartfelt gratitude. With my first venture I realised technology alone cannot fuel any growth. I learnt customers today don’t buy products or services, they look out for honesty and people who can be trusted as partners. Given the speed with which Technology and Consumers are evolving the only way to keep pace and innovate solutions is to think like a “Perpetual Beta” organization. If you share our beliefs lets meet.”


How We Started


Future Goals

Create an accelerator programme to help start-ups succeed

Variance Technologies launched


Started in as Variance Technologies. Raghu was the cofounder, with other cofounders having worked with Google.

client meeting
Variance grew to 50+ clients


Successfully executed projects in technology, however wasn't profitable so it closed down.

Team Variance was founded by Raghu

April 2017

Venture started from scratch with zero capital investment.

5X growth in


Signedup 100+ clients by March 2018. Team size grew to 16.

Team Exteneded


Anil Singh, Gaurav Gupta , Jagdeep Luthera, joined to strengthen the team in Strategy / Market Research, Content Delivery & Branding.

"Some clients where we not only successfully delivered their projects, but formed long term business partnerships.

  • SofgenERP
  • Unlock Analytics
  • Mozocare
  • Biz Research Labs
  • Network Interview
  • Brand Power

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