Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions are most valuable assest to businesses of all sizes. It helps you save time & man-labor and increase productivity with faster results. We specializes in delivering innovative automated solutions and software development solutions. We understand every business is different and have different needs hence our team provides you customized software solutions for your company.

CRM Solutions

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Solutions are strategically designed software to help businesses improve their Customer Relationships. In B2B Marketplace, CRM allows businesses to focus their core attention on individual customer and help you grow your business rapidly.

Team Variance offers you a variety of customized CRM Solutions to meet all your business needs in one place. With our CRM Solution, there will be a huge fall in self service and a rapid increase in customer satisfaction. Investing in customized CRM will not only enhance your ability to target the right customer but also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. Having CRM Solution in a B2B Organisation can help compile data from a range of different communication channels in a single customized platform. CRM Solution can help your business learn more about your target audiences and how to best cater to their needs hence increase in revenue.

B2B Market Automation

B2B Market Automation helps you to perform your tasks & workflows for the sales & marketing process and makes inbound marketing possible.

At Team Variance we help you run a strategically formed inbound marketing automation specifically for your industry by building targeted lists of audience, content marketing, email automation, moving your warm leads to nurture cycle and analyze marketing & sales performance.

Custom Software Development

Having a software with keeping your business’ needs in mind results in increased level of productivity.

We provide high quality, profitable and reliable software development services that caters your needs & budget right. We help businesses with our innovative technologies and proven experience in custom software development.

Our talented team of designers, developers and consultants assure you user-centric designs, increased productivity and increased RoI.

Mobile App For Businesses

Increase your business opportunities with a Mobile Application designed especially for your business to keep you close with your customers.

Our skillful team of Designers & Developers will help you execute the idea of your business into a user friendly, attractive and cost efficient mobile app. We design Android and iOS Mobile Applications which helps you grow your business and connects with your clients.

ERP For Manufacturing Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that helps you manage all your resources in one place.

We build customized ERP Software which helps you run all the department of your manufacturing companies like operations planning, administration, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as inventory in one place. Investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software can help you cut down on all your manual paper work and proven increase in productivity.

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