How to Set up Social Media Marketing for Dentists


When it comes to social media marketing for dentists, what works for many should work for anyone in the dental field. Dentistry being traditionally a conservative field, people are wary of methods that are perceptibly novel or untested. It can be quite a challenge to convince dentists to join the social media revolution. However, almost all practitioners are utilizing some kind of online presence. Are they doing it properly, and would that suffice without dental practice social media marketing?

The first step is to demystify social media marketing for dentists. Online marketing is simply word-of-mouth powered by technology. Most dental professionals aren’t baffled to create and circulate a print ad but are uncomfortable navigating through the social media for the dentist scene. How effectively does the dental fraternity embrace online marketing?

Establish clear objectives

A common mistake is to launch dental social media campaigns without having clear objectives. Forming a social network presence takes more than simply creating an account on Facebook or Twitter; and just because you’ve established a presence, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience will follow. So you need to have objectives, and individual business objectives should be straightforward: What do you hope to accomplish? On the other hand, goals can focus on several areas such as:

1. Brand building

 It’s all about acquisition and retention. Get people to recognize your name and associate positively with it. Let them know if you’re attending a symposium or conference and talk about it afterward.

2. Product and services education

Excited about a new product or treatment? Share it with others. Inform patients about promotions and introductory deals.

3. Leadership

 You’re an industry expert, so use your specialized knowledge to engage and enrich your audience – offer solutions to problems and address topical issues such as oral hygiene or dental implants or whatever is trending.

Content Strategy

First, listen and plan. Get online and find out what interests your audience. Join professional groups and blogs to understand better what readers in your field want in terms of content and devise a plan of action accordingly.  Then develop and engage. Create relevant content delivered to the most significant number of followers throughout your social media support system, here you can contact for the best dental marketing services.

Deliver Quality 

Suitability, quality, and share-ability of the content you provide is a crucial component to a successful online marketing campaign. Readers need to trust your content before they’re willing to share it, so make sure it’s relevant and factual. Is your subject exciting and current? Do you provide the information they can use, backed by research, verifiable facts, or real-life experiences? If your content has value, your audience will be motivated to share it, and that’s what dental clinic social media marketing is all about.

Quality is the golden rule for posting content online; it must be presented well, whether an article, video or still image.  Poor quality content is social media’s worst enemy. If a video link is broken, an article hastily written without spelling and grammar checks, or an image fuzzy and small, it won’t get passed on, or worse, your visitors just may not come back to you.

Also, you need to know about the budget you should spend on digital marketing to promote your dental practice.

Reinforce Engagement


Engagement is what social media marketing does best, so make it work for you. Get your readers involved by posting questions or asking them to share their opinions and experiences. Guide your audience on what you want them to do. A call to action is rarely ignored. Don’t just post a link; create a short message that encourages viewers to watch the video or read the article. Highlight the benefits of watching, reading, and sharing. Be open to their responses and remember to answer the negative reactions positively. That’s the crux of engagement.


All said and done today, social media marketing for dentists is no longer perceived as an untested, risky approach. Instead, it’s considered a channel of choice to engage and win your target audience. Even if you were to invest in the other Digital media options, your strategies would stand crippled by not integrating social media into the plan.

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